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Player: Code of Conduct

on Tue May 02, 2017 10:05 pm
Hello and welcome to Banana League. In the interest of keeping this a fun and competitive league we would like to ask you that, as a player, you respect others and abide by our rules. Being competitive and disrespectful are two very different things, and sometimes we mix the two. Please keep yourself from crossing the line.

Racism, slurs, threats, and religion are off limits here. If you have the ability to play a game you have the sense enough to know right from wrong. Engaging in racism, slurs, or making fun of a religion is a cry for belonging to a group of others who are trying to do the same thing. The reason why so many people do it is for the shock value which is already dying nowadays. In life we all want to fit in, but don't fit in by acting ignorant. It's comparable to the first cuss word we learn in grade school and we all sneak around to our friends saying the word titties. It does not make you cool, tough, or respected, it lets others know that your on the wrong side of stupid.

As a player you can be on a team that you may not like and that is fine. It happens. Management should try their hardest to solve all problems but that does not always happen. In the instance that a problem occurs where the relationship with your team becomes toxic and not fun please do not blow up and get yourself in trouble. Bring the problem up to the management of the team and if that does not work the admins can always help solve it with relocation or free agency.

The admins are here to help you. We want to create a fun and competitive environment that you will enjoy as a player in a league setting. If you must interact with an admin I ask you to remember that they are taking time out of their day to help you. Which is not an excuse to brush you off, they have chosen to do it and will be dealt with accordingly if any problems arise. If a problem does occur where you think an admin is favoring another team because of a friendship, or any other valid reasoning, please feel free to ask for a second opinion from another admin.

In closing, respect one another. It solves most problems before they start.
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