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Admin: Code of Conduct

on Tue May 02, 2017 9:42 pm

If you are chosen to represent Banana League in an Administrator type role you will follow the guidelines listed below. Banana League Admins will adhere to this code of conduct to promote community growth and respect.

As an Admin you are a chosen leader of this community. You will not curse or belittle players no matter who it is or what the problem may be. If they disrespect you understand that they are just disrespecting themselves. This is not a position of power, do not mistake it as such. At no point will you engage a player who is attempting to belittle or rile you up. It solves nothing. If a conversation about a problem gets to that point, another admin will need to handle it. Please seek help from your peers and take time to understand the issue enough to communicate effectively.

You are required to respond to inquiries made by a player in a timely manner if the player has made attempts to solve the problem themselves.

At no point should an admin promote the use of curse words. Curse words do not solve problems they create or amplify problems.

As an admin you will abide by all rules that players abide by. At no point will you use your position to garner favor or possibly cheat.

Under no circumstance will you engage another leagues "commissioners".

Please be cordial to LeagueGamings Staff, most of us play in their league and want to maintain a respectful relationship.
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